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Sanjin Halilovic
Sanjin Halilovic

World Wide

Multidisciplinary designer with focus on branding, digital product design and print design I UI/UX/Visual Designer@ministryofprogramming.com

art direction, branding, infographic design, logo, print design, product design, user experience (ux), user interface (ui), visual design

  1. Personal Poster Archive 2019/2020 brand design artwork work personal symbols branding concept canvas print prints concept visual design concepts illustration exploration art director minimalist minimalistic branding design brand identity branding
  2. Stamp Stickers from My Hometown! welcome draw design illustration minimal outline style challenge weekly warm up exploration objects visual graphic dribbble color branding city brand stamp sarajevo myhometown dribbble dribbbleweeklywarmup
  3. 2020 New Year Resolutions new year resolutions colorful concept system puzzle branding design art direction visual design outline colors illustration exploration typography type warmup dribbbleweeklywarmup resolutions newyear 2020
  4. Stay at Home dribbbleweeklywarmup draw visual branding concept visual design exploration print art direction concept illustration coronavirus stay at home toilet paper 2020 brand identity branding design branding weekly challenge weekly warm-up dribbble
  5. Drawing with Love simple design simple shapes branding concept drawing concept visual design art direction exploration branding design logo pen love heart minimalist illustration dribbble dribbbleweeklywarmup brand design branding
  6. Royal Pineapple Brewing Co Label illustration packagedesign label packaging packaging art direction colors fresh labeldesign label logo pineapple exploration concept brand branding beer fruit drink dribbbleweeklywarmup dribbble
  7. Minimalistic Japan Stamp traveling mountain sea experiment illustration fuji line travel layout minimalist sunrise graphic warm up exploration icon outline stamp minimalistic minimal japan
  8. Bosnian Kingdom Playing Cards illustrator layout experiment kingdom cards gold stamp emblems symbols medieval retro style illustraion play ornamental exploration style retro dribbble dribbbleweeklywarmup playingcards
  9. The Lion King Icon outline icon set colors visual design minimalism shapes art direction exploration brand design shape logo lion the lion king illustration icon minimalist design branding dribbbleweeklywarmup dribbble
  10. Saturn Mission 2020 art concept design art direction minimalistic exploration experiment imagination stars 2020 illustration symbol logo typography space weeklywarmup dribbble dribbbleweeklywarmup mission saturn
  11. Nest Interior&Furniture Design Logo, Work in Progress, Draft 01 minimalism logotype interior nest furniture home branding and identity clean exploration branding concept work in progress draft construction symbol logo identity brand identity branding design branding brand
  12. Happy Holidays to All Minimalists! holiday cards branding concept colors illustration artwork graphic design art direction design less is more cards christmas tree lines exploration minimalism minimalist dribbbleweeklywarmup weeklywarmup dribbble card holiday
  13. 100 Years of Bauhaus - Poster and Stamp print design layout exploration exploration lines retro minimalistic poster layout minimalism minimal illustrations symbols history print poster stamp design berlin weekly warm-up bauhaus100
  14. Happy Holidays to all Dribbblers signature art direction minimalist dribbblers branding visual design packaging design concept exploration illustration typo typogaphy happy dribbbleweeklywarmup weeklywarmup gift card gift holidays dribbble
  15. Symbols&Marks Collection 2020 brand and identity clean design forms exploration logo 2020 logotype design logo collection logotypes minimalism clean marks symbol logotype branding concept brand identity brand design branding logos logo
  16. Global (don't) Panic illustration visual design coronavirus visual earth branding concept exploration concept virus panic minimalism branding design globes corona corona virus brand identity branding brand globe
  17. Geometric Playing Cards vector prints concept drawing warmup personal project shoot design design card exploration print layout shapes geometic colors king illustration playing cards dribbbleweeklywarmup dribbble
  18. What do you want to see in Sarajevo Today? concept design playoff adobe xd user interface design screen onboarding colors illustrations icons iphonex ios touristic exploration user experience userinterface ux ui app sarajevo
  19. Sunset on the mountain geometric visual design sticker design sticker mule fresh summer dribbble simple form exploration clean design gradients brand identity illustration colors logo branding sunset playoff stickers stickermule
  20. Social Trading App Sign Up Form/Onboarding design system exploration clean ui ux mobile ui app design ios app design ios social media finance fintech trading product mobile user interface work product design clean ui clean sign up form sign up
  21. Sarajevo Post Card visit sarajevo tourism bosniaandherzegovina video branding design branding panorama colors gif concept animation illustration sightseeing city hall cabke car design visual postcard sarajevo
  22. Experiment with Weather Widget style minimal icon outline design app design user interface experiment gradient color app sarajevo ilustration photography screen mobile iphone ios widget weather
  23. Japan minimalistic posters concept mountain graphic design graphic exploration sunrise sea typogaphy illustration print colors line vector dribbbleweeklywarmup japanese culture layout minimalistic minimal poster japan
  24. Onboarding screens for trading app visual design dribbble registration onboarding ui minimal product design onboarding flow exploration concept trading platform clean ui clean user experience userinterface iphone ios trading app trading onboarding screens onboarding
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